LE BON ANGLAIS Guy Arnoux Miniature Books


Miniature books are a favorite of ours. This little treasure is not technically a miniature book. Still, this is a nice addition to any book collection. I found this wonderful little book and wanted to share it with you. It is Le Bon Anglais (The Good English), a wonderful small illustrated book with French text celebrating Anglo-French relations after WWI. Published by Chez Devambez, 1918. It contains a dozen brilliant pochoir woodcuts by Guy Arnoux with accompanying text in French by Roger Boutet de Monvel. The notes by Boutet de Monvel consist primarily of affectionate anecdotes and impressions of the First World War British army from a French perspective.

Arnoux created a pair of companion volumes in the same style: Nos Freres d'Amerique and Carnet d'un Permissionnaire. Wouldn't it be wonderful to have all three?

Miniature books are defined as those books that are three inches or smaller in height and width, although slightly larger dimensions are collected by some aficionados of the genre.  There are numerous large collections in libraries and museums in the USA. The University of Indiana's Lilly Library has an online exhibit: 4000 Years of Miniature Books. It features a small part of the library's 16,000 miniature book collection! The Miniature Book Society even has an ongoing competition for judging new miniature book creations.

Here at Vintages, we have a small, but very nice, selection of miniature books. While our current inventory includes primarily prayer books and calendars at this time, we have had (and continue to seek) miniatures of other subjects. Here is a link to our online offering of books.