A. Winters Framed Miniature Enamel on Copper of DeerEnamel on Copper Miniature Painting

A. Winters Framed Miniature Enamel on Copper of Deer

Miniature paintings are wonderful collectibles and decorative art. They are small, so it is easy to display a collection, either on a wall or a shelf. These enamel on copper miniatures would look great on a small easel on a desk or on a table at the entry or in the foyer.

Enameling is the art of fusing glass to metal. The basic procedure for enameling is to apply the enamel to clean metal, and heat the piece either in a kiln or with a torch to a high temperature until the glass enamel melts and fuses to the metal. Enamels come in powdered and liquid forms, but powder is more commonly used because it is easier to apply.

Enamel can be fused to gold, fine silver, copper and steel. The technique is used for all types of articles from jewelry to bowls and dishes to flat surfaces. If the surface of the metal is chased or tooled before the enamel is applied the pattern will show through the enamel -- a technique called guilloche. Cloissone and champleve are techniques where the enamel is placed in hollowed out areas formed by little wires for the former and by carving out sections in the latter. A special technique that suspends the enamel between sections of pierced metal forms is called plique a jour.

The paintings we have here are done using multiple colored enamels and one or more firings to create the image. The effect of any of these is quite stunning.