Sterling Silver and Amethyst Charoite Squash Blossom Style Necklace

WOW! This is a gorgeous, LARGE necklace. The metal is sterling silver and has a wonderful lustrous patina. The amethyst and quartz colored stones are charoite, which is a quartz-like mineral discovered near the River Chara in Eastern Siberia in the 1940’s, 325 miles north of the tip of Lake Baikal. The Siberian locals call it “lilac stone.” This gem was introduced to the Western gemstone marketplace as Charoite in the 1970’s.

This necklace has eight stones that are all hand set and the setting is hand chased. The design is reminiscent of the squash blossom necklaces of the American Southwest, which is the origin of this necklace. There is a companion piece to this necklace ... a Silver and Amethyst Charoite Bracelet done in the same design motif and just as wonderful.

This is a modernized version of the traditional Navajo squash blossom necklace ... or Naja, as it is properly called. The fact that it uses a very non-traditional stone from a far away continent adds credibility to the design that only harkens back to the Navajo traditional motif. The charoite stones are magnificent with the contrast of the amethyst purple against the whiteness of the quartz.