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Welcome To Another Century
Globular porcelain vase with on the outside a multi-hued brown slip with a bold décor of leaves or flowers in brown and black enamels. Bottom signed in underglaze blue: Arita-yaki, Mitsukaze or Kofu saku. Original paper label, identifying the object as an Aritayaki, flower vase by Kofu (Aritayaki Kofu no hanakaki). Japan, Hizen, Imari, Showa era, circa 1970s.

H circa 8 ¼ inches.

Mint condition

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Welcome To Another Century
Small plate decorated with rare decoration of three happy whales, swimming in the waves with their tails up and two of the spouting water before a coast with mountains. Two sailing boats in the far distance. Underglaze blue and black, overglaze white, gold and iron red. Back decorated with fish net design in iron red and gold and some underglaze blue and overglaze golden fishes. Signed in the center: Zoshuntei Hisatomi. Japan, late Meiji until before 1925.
H. 1 1/8 in. x D 8 3/8 in.
Gold on rim worn, otherwise fine condition.

Zoshuntei was a foreign trade porcelain company that was started by Hisatomi Yojibei Masatsune and his oldest son Masayasu. It was officially granted the name Zoshuntei in 1842. For two generations the company did well, until the family lost the license to the competition. A nephew of Masatsune tried to revive the company in 1911 by turning it into a factory, but had to close his doors finally in 1925.

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Welcome To Another Century
Beaker shaped cup decorated in underglaze blue and in iron red, green, aubergine and gold with three men standing with the arms wide open and three rabbits crouching next to bamboo stalks. Lower rim decorated with flower petals in underglaze blue, rim on the inside decorated with underglaze blue geometric border. Japan, Arita, early 20th century.
Height 2 ¾ in. (7 cm); diameter 3 ¼ in. (8.3 cm)
Perfect condition.