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the pair Sold Thanks Dennis!
The quintessential Mustache has become the hallmark of the French Club chair, while reproductions exist, they fall short beacause the lines aren't crisp especially on the head. This is a lovely pair of all original Mustache backed chairs that we acquired from a private home in the city of Mulhouse. They are a low, elegant pair that will be that sought after seats in your home . They measure:Depth-34", width-34", height-30", seat depth-19", seat width-17"
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William's Antiks
Sold the pair Thanks Jamie!
We sold this pair about 4 years ago, then bought them back after the couple moved out of the country. We don't often buy chairs back but this pair was and is exception for their graceful lines, perfect symmetry and the deep comfortable seat that they offer. Circa 1940's with all original leather. This pair runs in Williams top ten gallery! They measure :Measures L-40", W-38". H-33" Seat depth- 22", seat width-18"
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William's Antiks
Wow, These have it all, gorgeous arms, stylish back,deep comfortable seat and fully restored to an amazing patina. Circa 1930's-40's, this pair was restored 10 years ago and maintained in excellent condition. We call them La Fresse because they remind us of a spot in in the SouthEast of France where we found a similar pair years ago. They measure Depth-38", width-43", height-34", seat depth-20", seat width-20". This is about as big as vintage Club chairs come.
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William's Antiks
Sold Thank You!
We call this pair the Rambouillet Deco Lounge pair. A truly one of a kind pair. Williams Antiks has sold over 450 pairs of French leather club chairs but this pair takes the cake. They feature all original leather except the cushions. The front of the chairs are a wood columns that include dual spin-out coasters and deep dual deep drawers. The sit deep and comfortable and measure: Depth-38", width-38", height-28", seat depth-24", seat width-20". Circa 1930's. Very cool , handsome and unique!
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the pair Sold Thank You Danny!
This is a sumptuous pair of French Club chairs in excellent overall condition, They were probably restored 20+ years ago. The sit deep and wide and measure: depth-37", width-38", height-31", seat depth-24", seat width-18". A handsome, comfortable piece history.
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Sold Thank You!
This is a big ol' Solo that needed a new cushion and deck. So we rescued it and gave it a new life. It's a pretty nice chair , some crazing on the arms and a bit of a dark spot on the head rest, but overall a big, comfy, medium to firm seat. Circa 1940 just after the War. It measures: Depth-36, Width-39, Height-34, Seat depth-21, Seat width-20
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Sold Thank you
This is one of our oldest soldiers, circa 1930's. Except for the restored seat cushion, it has all original leather. It has such a presence. Deep and comfortable, it will draw any visitors to go staright for it. Very cool Vintage leather Club. It measures: W-38,L-31,H-33,Seat Depth-22, seat width-17
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Sold In SF!
Nice little apartment pair. This pair sits up a bit higher than your typical Club Chair. They are simple, sweet and comfortable. Very good overall condition Circa 1950's L-31, W-28, H-33, SD-20, SW-18
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the pair - SOLD, Merci!
Streamline pair of French leather Club Chairs. We just can't resist restoring every pair of these amazing Club Chairs that we find and the are few and far between. They have springs in the arms as most vintage Club chairs do. Repro chairs never have this feature because its tricky to pull off correctly. These are done with the correct sheephide from the Pyrennees. Circa 1950 originally They measure:L-40, W-38, H-36, SD-23, SW-20
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Sold Thanks to a a nice Alameda Fair client!
Nice Blonde, caramel French leather Club Chair circa 1940. All original leather, this little honey has a few nicks and scratches, testimomy to its 70+ years of life. It sits med-firm and `is pretty rare with its double plaque trim on front. It measures: L-31, W-30, H-32, SD-22, SW-19
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Sold Thanks Denise!
Sweet, Petite 1930's French Leather Club Chair. This little charmer has minor nicks and loads of charm. the cushion has been restored. It sits a bit higher than than big boys. A nice addition to the corner of your bedroom or a spare beauty to grace the library. Circa 1940's It measure: L-31, W-30, H-32, SD-22, SW-19
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Sold Thank You Dennis
Versailles Mustache back French leather Club Chairs. Wow, i love these and they sell as quick as we can get them. This beautiful pair of Club chairs have restored cushions but the rest of the chair are all original. There is some crazing on the arms, they are supple and have perfect patina. Circa 1940's They measure: L-32, W-36, H-28, Seat Depth-21, Seat Width-18
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Sold to Texans!
This is a handsome smaller pair of Vintage French Club Chairs. This is what they call the Paris Apartment Pair circa 1930's/40's, They feature restored cushions and kick panels. They have vintage wear on the arms that is age appropriate and has that patina that is impossible to recreate without time. They sit quite nice and will hold up for years to come with love and care. they measure: Depth-33, Width-33, Height-33, Seat depth-22, Seat width-19
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per pair ALL SOLD - MERCI!
This is an unusual set of Club chairs, They are from the 1930's , They have all their original leather. They sit quite firm, but are comfortable nonetheless. They are in solid condition with age appropriate nicks and minor scratches. They are almost identical except two of them have a steeper pitch to the backs. I purchased these from a dealer in Frontenac in the Bordeaux region. They measure: Measures L-36", W-36". H-31" Seat depth- 23", seat width-19"
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Sold, Merci!
This is a wonderful pair of French leather Club Chairs that were purchased form a private home in Normandy. They feature all original Sheephide in excellent overall condition. The arms are taut and firm, They sit just right, not to firm , not to soft. rare in this condition. Circa 1940's They measure: L-34", W-34". H-32" Seat depth- 22", seat width-20"
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pair SOLD, Merci!
Sweet pair of fully restored French club chairs, smaller size perfect for a city apartment or office. L-31, W-30, H-32, SD-22, SW-19
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Sold Thank you Margaret
Sweet nailed single with all-original leather. Great patina on this charming vintage French club chair. L-34, W-32, H-34, Seat Depth -22, Seat Width -19
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Sol to a nice Client in South Carolina!
Gorgeous all-original chairs with Gendarme style back, gorgeous cognac glow. (We have a third chair available in this style, but it has some damage on the back. Inquire for more information.) L-34, W-32, H-34, Seat Depth-22, Seat Width-19