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About me

I've been collecting Asian art most of my adult lifetime. I'm also a member of the three major Asian Art societies in the Netherlands. Now that I'm retired and moved to a smaller house, it's time to let go. I'll add new items from my personal collection in the months to come. These items can be Asian, Oriental or African and even European. So keep a close watch.
very large Sumidagawa vase
Sales policy

Since I'm not a professional sales person and just starting to sell, I must ask you for some patience and please do not hesitate to ask me any question at all. Understanding starts with communication. Be sure about your purchase, know what you buy. Every sale is final after shipping. I only deal with bank to bank transfer payments which I feel are the safest. It also gives the buyer some time to consider his or her purchase. Do not buy out of an impulse but be sure. We'll both have no regrets afterwards.

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