We now provide support for bulk imports, of your TROCADERO listings, to the Turbo Lister listing and upload tool.

TROCADERO's Auction Utility

Auction Listed from TROCADERO

An Enterprise Account's Auction Page

Catalogue members of any account type may use auction tools on TROCADERO. Its as simple as selecting one or more items already posted to your TROCADERO account and adding any special shipping or sales instructions. Two options are then presented - one to copy and paste data to the auction listing and the other to download a file for the purpose of importing data to listing management and bulk loader applications.

We offer these features as a convenience only as our focus is on retail listing of merchandise on Trocadero. We do not make any warranty or guarantee that a member's listing will be compliant with auction rules. Though we strive to address any rules changes as they become known, it is also possible a member may by their own actions cause their listing to become non-compliant. We will, when requested, review problem listings to offer comment or any rebuttal.

We provide support to import members' Trocadero listings to Turbo Lister. This is furnished in the form of a compatible file produced from items you specify from your Trocadero catalog. We support use of our feature to provide the compatible file. And we may refer you to the auction service, after having provided guidance to import the file, for support in actual use of TurboLister.

HTML code for the member's auction listings are included in the file Trocadero produces for use with third party listing and upload tools. This provides for the member's distinct "look and feel" including background, logo, picture, optional counter, and links to enlargements (Trocadero periodically reviews and complies with auction listing guidelines). Such listings for Enterprise accounts include thumbnails for each of the enlargement links as well as a link to a personalized "gallery page" for their auctions. The example on the left shows a typical Enterprise account listing (other account types have text links to enlargements and no gallery page).

Auction listings appear in venue with link to the auction. This is accomplished by the member modifying the listing to reflect the auction service's listing number. Enterprise accounts further enjoy their own auction page (see illustration, lower left). The page is linked to from the member's catalogue pages and from listed auctions. To illustrate an item on the auction page, the member simply adds the auction service's listing number as mentioned earlier in this paragraph.

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