Member and TROCADERO Statistics

Summary Site Statistics

Members have access to detailed statistics on TROCADERO.

Featured in our statistics are Summary Statistics, Weekly and Daily details, a thorough analyis of traffic patterns for the member's 10 most popular items, the 20 most popular visiting IPs, the 20 most popular visiting domain extensions (a good indicator of what countries visitors are coming from), the 50 most popular pages referring traffic to or within the member's site, and - very useful - the 50 top search engine terms and sites accessing the member's pages.

We believe TROCADERO and our subscribers now enjoy the highest traffic per member and per item in our industry - turnkey online merchandising solutions. TROCADERO aligns itself with its members' interests, integrally incorporating the member's domain in links from community pages. More brand promotion is committed to member sites and more traffic is attributed to member domains by rating agencies. Try us out and compare the results. You will benefit from our traffic immediately and from major search engines within little more than a month.

* TROCADERO is "crawled" regularly by the most important search engines. Our diligent and ongoing optimization efforts, search engine subscription and indexing, and the member's own efforts combine to automatically and dynamically submit to the search engines member pages and listings.

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