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Your catalogue on TROCADERO is very easy to maintain yet gives you a clean, professional presentation. No special computer language or application skills are required. You fill out our interactive forms online from the convenience of your desktop and TROCADERO does all the rest.

Minimum requirements include (1) a PC or Mac, (2) a dial-up connection to the internet, (3) a recent generation Explorer, Netscape or AOL web browser [Netscape 6 is not yet recommended by us], and (4) a graphics editing program [typically bundled free with a digital camera or scanner].

All TROCADERO accounts enjoy automatically created catalogues including thumbnail directory pages and informational pages for each item with a larger picture.

The examples to the left show an Enterprise account with its thumbnail navigational feature for easy previewing of enlargement pictures.

TROCADERO member sites enjoy the "look and feel" of the dealer - important for building brand recognition. Business account pages contain more conspicuous links to other TROCADERO pages. The E-Commerce account enables the user to post up to six additional enlargement views of each listing and to retrieve orders from clients via secure server. Our Enterprise account additionally benefits from thumbnail navigational links from catalogue, item and auction pages. Links to enlargements from auction pages go to the member's version for Enterprise accounts.

Features more recently introduced include a gallery of featured items for Enterprise accounts. "Featured items" selection is available to all premium accounts to better showcase items in the growing TROCADERO community. But the Enterprise account enjoys this feature at the site level - particularly important for putting the spotlight on the choicest listings if many items are offered.

Higher account types appear earlier in member listings. Item listings for Enterprise and E-Commerce accounts appear together.

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