Antique Asian Art

Antique Asian works of art including Chinese, Japanese, Korean, and Southeast Asian ceramics (particularly porcelain), metalwork, and textiles. Offered for sale are Chinese hardstones and scholar art; Japanese fine art, netsuke, and furniture; and works from the Indian Subcontinent. Southeast Asian sculpture is well-represented.

Exceptional Kamakura period Seto Heishi Bottle The Kura $3,500.00
Kobako in lacquer. Gold Takamaki-e. 3 friends. Mark Jiho Saku Conservatoire Sakura $8,500.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Okimono by Hara Seiun The Kura $1,600.00
Suzuribako. Landscape in gold and silver dust. 17th century.Japan Conservatoire Sakura $9,500.00
Late Ming - Qing dynasty gilt bronze seated official pigura art shop $2,000.00
Late Ming - Qing dynasty gilt bronze seated Guanyin pigura art shop $2,500.00
17C TIBETAN TANTRIC BUDDHIST BRONZE Oldbailey Antiques $1,095.00
Edo period Tamba Chatsubo Tea Leaf Jar The Kura $850.00
Satsuma vase with 4 seasons and 1000 flowers .Yabu Meizan. Conservatoire Sakura $25,000.00
A Japanese Oni Nembutsu Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €6,500.00
Scroll Painting with Birds signed Huang Huanwu 黃幻吾 Abhaya Asian Antiques $220.00
Laquered boxe gold and silver.Flowers in solid gold.Japan about 1700 Conservatoire Sakura $15,000.00
DRAWING OF SAMURAI COSTUME t a t a m i $400.00
Early 19c netsuke FOREIGNER & karako by MASATOSHI 14.3 cm Dmitry Levit Asian Art $3,950.00