Tokkuri hard porcelain Mikawashi Kilns. Hirado. Japan 1800. Conservatoire Sakura $9,000.00
A Japanese ivory okimono from the Tokyo school Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €9,000.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Quanyin Zentner Collection $9,000.00
Chinese Censer carved on turquoise stone. Middle Qing period Conservatoire Sakura $9,000.00
Japanese Antique 2-Panel Screen Painting with Flowers on Gold Zentner Collection $9,000.00
Attb Anton Chotka Austrian cold paint Mosque lamp with figures what pdx $8,995.00
A FINE 16TH CENTURY PERSIAN JAMIYA. Coins and Antiques Gallery $8,900.00
Pre-Columbian Mayan Cylinder Vase – Honduras. tlapacoya $8,900.00
Rare Large Chinese Quanyin Bronze Statue - Ming Xuande 1426 - 1435 JJ Oriental $8,800.00
Chinese Antique Carved Coral Maiden with Bird Zentner Collection $8,800.00
A rare Fine Khmer Antique Bronze Figure Of a Hevajra, Baphuon 11th Cen Gallery Samdao $8,790.00
Victorian Shell Cameo Gold Bracelet of Laughing Fawn, c1840 Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $8,785.00
Ming Dynasty Chinese Bronze Quanyin Zentner Collection $8,750.00
Japanese Antique Large Temple Bronze Hibachi Zentner Collection $8,750.00
Antique Tibetan Gilt Bronze Yab-yum Deities Zentner Collection $8,750.00