Antique English Victorian Modern Sterling Silver Cigar Box 1897 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $5,600.00
Tibetan Gilt Bronze Wrathful Yabyum Deities Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Japanese lacquer maki-e inro with landscape and bronze manju GALERIE TIAGO €8,000.00
Nepalese Antique Bronze Seated Bodhisatva Zentner Collection On Request
Antique Chinese Scroll signed Fei Dan Xu Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Antique Caucus Rug Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Antique Islamic Medieval 10th-14th century Elephant Chess Piece Hundred and One Antiques $8,000.00
Antique Chinese Scroll of a Young Beauty with an Old Man Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Nepali Jambhala Chakra Asian Art $8,000.00
Antique Japanese Two Panel Screen of Swimming Carp Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Antique Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Vase Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Antique Oriental Kazak Rug Zentner Collection $8,000.00
Large japanese lacquer tray with rabbits - Japan Edo Reflets des Arts €8,000.00
Pair Japanese large Satsuma Vases, signed "Kinkosan" Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $8,000.00
Tibetan Leather and Iron Chest Chakra Asian Art $8,000.00
Antique 15-17 Century Mamluke Turkish Ottoman Islamic Armour Bazuband Hundred and One Antiques $8,000.00
Korean Shell Inlaid Nong Cabinet with Birds and Fish Zentner Collection $8,000.00