Large Antique Rococo Gilt Bronze & Mother of Pearl Picture Frame Nelson & Nelson Antiques $1,575.00
Antique French Rococo Revival Gilt Bronze Picture Frame Nelson & Nelson Antiques $665.00
Antique English Ruby Glass & Sterling Silver Perfume with Vinaigrette Nelson & Nelson Antiques $1,015.00
Antique Tiffany Brilliant-Cut Glass and Sterling Silver Vase Nelson & Nelson Antiques $906.50
Antique pyu beads necklace dzi tiger carnelian burma Jataka Buddha Collection $2,200.00
Chinese Red Lacquer Seal Box 19th Century Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €550.00
Chinese Red Lacquer Medicin Cabinet 19th Century Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €650.00
Set of various antique burmese bronze buddhist devotee Jataka Buddha Collection $350.00
Antique 18th shan buddha story in bronze from Burma Jataka Buddha Collection $500.00
Fine Archaistic Chinese Jade Carving of an axe in greyish Nephrite! Senatus Consulto $250.00
Heavy Chinese white and russet Jade Nephrite pendant! Senatus Consulto $275.00
Set of antique burmese silver and lead coins Pyu and Mon Jataka Buddha Collection $400.00
Unusual Old Chinese Metal Bell Necklace JJ Oriental $475.00
An Unusual Georgian Air Twist Glass c1775 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $595.00
Incredible antique 8th pyu Buddha in bronze, Burma Jataka Buddha Collection
Chinese Tang Dynasty Sandstone Buddhist Sutra Container The Zentner Collection On Request
Fine set of 2 rare antique arakan Bronze buddha burma Jataka Buddha Collection
A stunning Chinese jade carving pendant of a seal! Senatus Consulto $250.00