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Kangxi marked Ginger Jar, 19th century

Large/Fine/Rare B/W Fan-Shape Water Dropper/Characters-19th C. Harubang Antiques $1,900.00
Chinese Song Dynasty Jian Ware Temmoku Tea Bowl GuYi Asian Art and Antiques $2,600.00
Rare Meiji period Narushima Yaki Tsubo, Perfect The Kura $525.00
Set Four Meiji Antique, Japanese Haisen Porcelain Pots The Kura $450.00
Sale Pending
Chinese Painting on Wood. Roy Hu's Asian Art $380.00
Chinese Flambe-Glazed Double handles Vase, 18th Century ESL Collection $680.00
Chinese Porcelain Blue and White Vase Helen M Edwards $990.00
Chinese Ivory Toggle, 18th Century Helen M Edwards $660.00
Japanese Miniature Satsuma Vase by Kozan, Signed Helen M Edwards $290.00
Chinese Wu Shuang Pu Cong Vase, Qianlong Mark Helen M Edwards $680.00
antique beads Uddiyana Art
antique beads Uddiyana Art
antique three eyes beads Uddiyana Art
Dong Son Bells Abhaya Asian Antiques $85.00
Chinese Coral-red Vase in Gourd Shape, Jiaqing Mark and Period ESL Collection On Request
Japanese Set of 12 Flat Head Piercing Arrows Zentner Collection
Japanese Collection of 14 Comprehensive Shaped Piercing Tip Arrows Zentner Collection
A Rare Example of a Ceremonial Arrow Collection by the Yotsuken Clan Zentner Collection