Mint Quality Greek Illyrian Helmet with Superb Patina: Ex Guttmann
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WMF Art Nouveau Brass Tray Cherub Antiques Gallery Inquire
Large size French antique woven grape gathering basket Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $1,500.00
Pre-Columbian ~ MOCHE ~ Terracotta Anthropomorphic STIRRUP SPOUT Galleria Vergès $400.00
Pre-Columbian ~ CHANCAY ~ Bichrome Zoomorphic VESSEL Galleria Vergès $450.00
Early 19c netsuke PEKINESE DOG by TOSUI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1,700.00
18c netsuke MONKEY with young on bamboo mat Dmitry Levit Asian Art $625.00
19c okimono SHOKI & ONI by netsuke carver TOMONOBU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $495.00
18c netsuke DUTCHMAN & Chinese boy Dmitry Levit Asian Art $475.00
Antique English Card Case Cherub Antiques Gallery Inquire
Pihuamo Figure Arte Xibalba $350.00
madagascar sakalava couple galerie Cecile Kerner €4,200.00
Glazed Pottery Funeral Procession Ming Dynasty TL-tested Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €1,850.00
18th Century Antique French Louis XV Period Vaisselier Nicole Maleine Antiques, Inc $3,990.00
Pottery Ox and Carriage Tang Dynasty with TL-test Jack Nelis Asian Antiques €3,250.00
ChineseBronze WESTERN ZHOU DYNASTY Ritual Food Vessel,DING(1100-700BC) Kong €4,500.00
High quality Sino-Tibetan Gilt bronze plaque of Buddha! Senatus Consulto $1,650.00
Camel neckband withe bronze bells from Taimani group in Afghanistan Kabul Gallery $490.00
Neolithic Bowl Abhaya Asian Antiques $200.00