All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Americas : Pre Columbian : Handiwork : Pre 1492 item #1451013
Pre-Columbian Northern Peru, Chimu / Chancay culture, ca 1000 to 1300 AD.

Beautiful large and very complete textile with the motif of a deity padding birds and cats on either side, larger monkeys or feline animals at the top, all in brown on white. Size: 30 cm. long and ca. 16 cm. wide.

Ex. Danish Collection
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Pre 1900 item #944530 (stock #G0145)
A pair of late 19th C. Chinese famille rose porcelain soya sauce pots. In excellent condition.H:4"xW:4"
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Pottery : Pre AD 1000 item #1474434 (stock #P31)
Large Chinese Neolithic Machang Painted Pottery Jar

This impressive pottery jar was made over 4,000 years ago during the Machang Phase (c. 2300 - 2000 BC) of the Majiayao culture, also known as the Gansu-Yangshao culture, from present day Gansu or Qinghai province. It is quite "heavily-potted" with a smooth surface and is fairly highly-fired. It has a short neck with flared mouth, and two sturdy loop handles on opposing sides at the waist...

All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : African : Artifacts : Pre 1900 item #1479103 (stock #CH35)
Authentic antique 19th century Abyssinian Ethiopian Coptic Orthodox brass Blessing Cross, composed of three intricately cast and attached elements.

The cross is adorned with copious elaborate geometric designs in a lattice pattern, creating a visually stunning effect. It is connected to a long square-section handle with an ornate finial consisting of a pierced rectangular panel surmounted by a cross...

All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Porcelain : Pre 1910 item #1160780
This is a beautiful Japanese Imari bowl. It is not only rare to see a bowl of this size but the enameled crane design is also rare. Overall the bowl is in outstanding condition. It measures 12 1/4 across and 4 3/4 tall.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Ancient World : Egyptian : Faience : Prehistorical item #1443392 (stock #m050421.3)
Egyptian Faience Blue Floral Amulet 1,6 cm

Faience is a glazed ceramic known for producing bright colours, especially blues, turquoises and greens. It is produced from quartz or sand crystals mixed with other compounds and can be cast into moulds to create beads or amulets like these ones. Faience gimmers in the light and was believed by the Egyptians to represent rebirth and immortality. The colours had different symbolisms for example, blue was thought to reflect fertility and life...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Ancient World : Near Eastern : Pre 1492 item #451018 (stock #IS124)
Antique Medieval 13th century B.C. (597 AH – 700 AH). Mamluk Syrian Raqqa Islamic Ceramic Bowl of rounded conical form standing on a low splayed foot, the body is glazed in with splashes of turquoise green and brown glaze. Condition: no cracks or repairs, except for a chip on the rim. MEASUREMENTS: Diameter: 17.5 cm (6 57⁄64 inches) Height: 6 cm (2.36 inches)
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Ceramics : Pre 1492 item #1480499 (stock #74)
The Oriental Room
Found in the Philippines. The Trần Dynasty, also known as the House of Trần, was a Vietnamese dynasty that ruled over the Kingdom of Đại Việt from 1225 to 1400. The Trần Dynasty defeated two Mongol invasions. This ewer features a green celadon glaze with an incised lotus decoration. Two moulded figures in animal form sit on its shoulders and its spout is shaped in a form of a mythical dragon...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Netsuke and Related : Pre 1900 item #1284468 (stock #26)
This is a finely hand carved, Mid-19th Century, Mixed Materials Netsuke depicting an Entertainer who is kneeling while in the middle of a theatrical performance. He is wearing an Okame mask with red-painted lips. He is also sporting a pouch that is being held around his waist by a manju netsuke. Excellent details on both the actors expression's and clothing. Wonderful, rich patina...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Metals : Silver : Sterling : Pre 1910 item #390560
Outstanding sterling silver ice cream slice with the fabulous Art Nouveau "Poppy" pattern by Baker Manchester. Both the front and back are beautifully detailed. The blade is lightly matte gilt. During the Victorian era, ice cream was served in a loaf shape, and implements like this were used to slice off pieces for serving. The form often did "double duty" as a fish server. The back is stamped with the hallmark for the Baker Manchester Silver Co...
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Southeast Asian : Sculpture : Pre 1492 item #1055234 (stock #MM-Chie2011)
Rare excavated Bronze Khmer Baphuon Statuette mounted, good condition except part of left robe and base missing, very nice natural verdigris patina, fine details and outstretched hands, Size: H. 4" x W. 1" x D. 1"
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Sculpture : Pre 1800 item #1229397 (stock #1-0824)
Head of Buddha, eyes half closed, its face reflecting a profound inner serenity. Wood, with remnants of the original lacquering and gilding. China, 18th century. Height: 10 1/2" (26,7 cm). The head is nicely mounted on a custom stand. Age cracks, otherwise good condition.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Enamel : Pre 1800 item #1232372 (stock #4585)
Galerie Hafner
shipping included
Chinese canton enamel box with slightly domed lid. The sides and top finely painted with scholars in landscape setting in famille rose palette. Interior with turquoise enamel. Condition: good - considering the delicate nature of enamel, rim of box with two very small retouchings and and sides of lid with three tiny enamel losses and few stress lines. Dimension: diameter: 10.2 cm, 6 cm high.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Tea Articles : Pre 1800 item #1348117 (stock #TRC1635)
A lovely Shino tea bowl fashioned from coarse Mino clay and covered in a crackled feldspar glazing. The front of the bowl is decorated with paintings of abstract foliage—possibly the lilting leaves of a willow tree—and the base of the bowl is unglazed, displaying rough clay. The paintings, which are applied using a ferrous glaze, along with the han-zutsu shape (half cylinder) are very typical of this type of Shino-ware...
All Items : Antiques : Decorative Art : Glass : American : Art Glass : Pre 1920 item #1478443 (stock #2304807)
Private Stock
Low green pastel compote by Tiffany, the 5 7/8 inch diameter compote is 1 3/4 inches tall. The compote has an opalescent diamond pattern and the green rim is rolled to the underside of the bowl. The signature “1964 L. C. Tiffany” is inscribed on the foot and there is a broken pontil mark.
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Porcelain : Pre 1800 item #1421289 (stock #1190)
A moulded porcelain deep dish, with barbed rim, painted in shades of under glaze blue depicting two celestial ladies in a garden setting enclosed by a broad border of radiating floral panels.

This item was made in Jingdezhen, China, for export to Europe, early in the reign of the Yongzheng emperor (1722-1735)...

All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Chinese : Porcelain : Pre 1900 item #1230406 (stock #543)
A large, brightly enameled ( famille rose ) porcelain bowl. Underglaze blue Daoguang mark, but the bowl probably is from the end of the nineteenth century. Diameter : 19,6 cm. Condition : Nice condition with just very faint stress cracks in the glaze to the inside of the rim ( which are to see on the last enlargement ).
All Items : Antiques : Regional Art : Asian : Japanese : Enamel : Pre 1920 item #1408311
Early Showa period (1910s) Japanese mingei (Arts and Crafts) shallow copper box with enameled decoration of a spray of aoi (hollyhock) leaves with tendrils. Wonderful combination of uchidashi (hammered-out) and moriage (piled-up) techniques : metal was raised from the opposite side and raised surface was subsequently thickly enameled and fired. Beautiful work, cleverly textured surface, excellent patina, in perfect condition. Enameled green on the inside...