Choice conoid stone seal of Marduk, Neo-Babylonian, 8th.-6th. cent. BC Senatus Consulto $195.00
Fine East Anatolian - West Mesopotamian scarab seal, 2nd. mill. BC Senatus Consulto $195.00
Superb Greenstone stamp seal of animals mating, Mesopotamian Senatus Consulto $295.00
18"H Chinese Qing Blue White Porcelain General's Helmet Jar Shuangxi Petrie-Rogers Gallery $750.00
A Japanese bronze okimono depicting a geisha Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €1,250.00
Antique Japanese Rimpa Style Lacquer Writing Box The Kura $850.00
Amazing Antique Japanese Lacquer Knife Shaped Yatate Brush Case The Kura $3,800.00
DONUT t a t a m i $200.00
A Poem Inscribed Tea Bowl by Buddhist Nun Rengetsu (1791-1875) Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art $5,000.00
9" High Chinese Republic Carved Shoushan Soapstone Scholar's Mountain Petrie-Rogers Gallery $550.00
Middle Eastern Jeweled Silver Large Islamic Arab Jambiya Dagger Hundred and One Antiques $2,000.00
19c Chinese scholar GLASS SEAL Dmitry Levit Asian Art $135.00