English Silver Wash Chamber Lamp Circa 1900 10”x 7” L'Enfant Gallery $300.00
Rare French Fry Pan Chamber Lamp c.1850 6x7” L'Enfant Gallery $450.00
French Nineteenth Century Chamber Stick 7” Brass L'Enfant Gallery $400.00
English Brass Fry Pan Chamber Stick c.1860 9” L'Enfant Gallery $400.00
American Chamber Stick With Riser Brass 7” L'Enfant Gallery $475.00
Beautiful French Chamber Stick With Adjuster 4.5x4.5” Brass L'Enfant Gallery $550.00
Silver Plate Chamber Lamp, English, Circa 1900, 10”x 7” L'Enfant Gallery $300.00
American Brass Chamber Stick With Trimmer 5”x8” Chicago L'Enfant Gallery $500.00
English Brass Nineteenth Century Chamber Stick W/ Adjustment 6” L'Enfant Gallery $580.00
Antique Hotpoint Toaster David Anthony $170.00
Antique Glass Oil Lamp - Plume & Atwood - Amethyst Embossed Font David Anthony $525.00
Swiss Bells in Sight Music Box - 9 Bell - Mahogany Case - 10 Airs David Anthony $28,000.00
American Brilliant Cut Glass Bowl - 9 1/4" - Late 19th C. David Anthony $295.00
C.1880 Carved Whitby Jet Bracelet w Silver and Turquoise Accents Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $750.00
Victorian Carved Agate Cameo Ring of Nubian Princess w/ Diamond Studde Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $5,400.00
Georgian 22K Memorial Ring with Pearl Surround, Hallmarked 1833 Moylan-Smelkinson/The Spare Room $950.00
American Adams Revival Silver Chamber Stick, c. 1910, 4.5x6" L'Enfant Gallery $550.00
Ancient Pre-Columbian Guerrero, Mezcala Large Stone Axe God Figure Hundred and One Antiques $800.00