Antique Japanese Tansu Chest Choba (Merchant) Secret Drawer Meiji Era Zentner Collection Sold
A Fine Gray Stone Torso of a Female Divinity, Angkor Baphuon 11th Cent Gallery Samdao Sold
Rare & Small Gao Box Stone Image of God of Wealth Jambala Dragon's Pearl Sold
Late Edo Period (1603-1868) Seto ware Brown Glazed Tea Bowl Treasures of Old Times Sold
Early Joseon dynasty (1392-1897) Korean Mishima tea bowl Treasures of Old Times Sold
Japanese Antique Textile Shimacho Late Edo Period with 545 Fragments Haruko Watanabe Sold
Antique Chawan made by Sen Sosa VI, Kakukakusai Genso (1678-1730) Treasures of Old Times Sold
Chinese Carved Sleeping Man on Wooden Stand Helen M Edwards Sold
Mexican 18th Century Crucifix Painting Oil On Panel 45”x28” L'Enfant Gallery Sold
Persian Prayer Rug in Wool Circa 1900-1920 measuring 26”x24” L'Enfant Gallery Sold
Yanagisawa Kien (1703-1758) Antique Japanese Painting of Jurojin Treasures of Old Times Sold