Buddhist Mirror, Nepal, 18th C. AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques Sold
Relief Fragment, Gandhara, 3rd Century AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €900.00
Honde Seto-Karatsu Chawan of early Edo Period - extremely rare Momoyama Gallery Sold
Antique Japanese Hinoki Choba Tansu Zentner Collection Sold
EAPG Block and Star Spearpoint Ruby Stained Glass Goblet David Anthony Sold
Purple Transferware Bowl - Milanese Pavilion David Anthony Sold
“Basking Turtle” Hanging Scroll by Ōtagaki Rengetsu Kyoto Ceramics and Fine Art Sold
Pewter Covered Jar David Anthony Sold
Thai Ayutthaya Bronze Buddha 17th/18th Century Jack Nelis Asian and Tribal Art Sold