Chinese Royal Qing Dynasty Eggshell 5 claw Dragon Tea Cup 3x3.5 L'Enfant Gallery $275.00
ancestors painting. China middle Qing Conservatoire Sakura $4,500.00
Tozan – A Japanese Inro Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €2,800.00
A Japanese Okame wood mask Mastromauro Japanese art EUR €480.00
An Unusual Arita Stenciled Dish, 1690~1730. #1. Hawkes, Asian Art £135.00
Chinese Imari Qing Dynasty Presentation Bowl L'Enfant Gallery $12,000.00
French Mantelpiece Moonphase Ornate Mahogany Clock Circa 1900 L'Enfant Gallery $1,000.00
Rare Edo Period Japanese Lacquer With Brass Inlay Landscape Artwork L'Enfant Gallery $12,000.00
Eighteenth Century Dutch Delftware Vase Blue & White 9.5 inch L'Enfant Gallery $3,600.00
Dutch Delftware Vase Eighteenth Century Blue & White 16.5 inch L'Enfant Gallery $3,000.00
Japanese Gold Nashiji Maki-e Lacquer Box with Raised Birds, Late Edo June Hastings $695.00
Pair Egyptian Brass Candlesticks 14x5 inch diameter 19th Century 15” L'Enfant Gallery $450.00
Tall Chinese Han Dynasty Glazed Pottery Granary Jar BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART GBP £650.00
Antique Japanese Tansu Chest Isho (Kimono) Dresser Kiri Taisho Zentner Collection $975.00
Antique Japanese Tansu Chest Kotansu (Personal Storage) Kiri Taisho Zentner Collection $1,850.00
Chinese Qing Dynasty “Blue & White” Massive Vase 23 in L'Enfant Gallery $1,950.00
Chinese Antique Porcelain Snuff Bottle with Fu-Lions Zentner Collection $2,000.00