ILLINOIS 21j BUNN SPECIAL Original Long Stem Case Circa: 1918 Watch Company $349.00
WMF Tall Art Nouveau Wine Bottle Stand Cherub Antiques Gallery Inquire
HAMPDEN New RAILWAY 19j WGF MAINLINER R.R. CASE C: 1918 Watch Company $349.00
Important Head Of An Apostle, 18th century AfricAsia Primitive and Antiques €2,500.00
wooden netsuke depicting 4 karako of 2 Marc Delorme €800.00
19th Century Antique French Walnut Navy Theme Buffet Nicole Maleine Antiques, Inc $2,350.00
Ama ,diving girl early 19th c Marc Delorme On Request
wooden iron of a stone lifter Marc Delorme €1,700.00
18th c netsuke of a dutchman on elephant Marc Delorme On Request
Okimono of a rat Marc Delorme €1,100.00
Valdivia Stone Idol Arte Xibalba $450.00
Antique Japanese Noren Curtain The Kura $500.00
ancient gandhara gold Uddiyana Art
samurai armor 16 th century Marc Delorme On Request
vajra_khmer Uddiyana Art
Exceptionally preserved early Baroque Iron Necessaire, dated 1731! Senatus Consulto $475.00
exceptional pair of stirrups Marc Delorme On Request
japanese samurai armor Marc Delorme On Request