Chinese Glazed Song Wine Jug 960 -1126 AD JJ Oriental $875.00
Antique Japanese Hirado Ware Fu Dog The Zentner Collection
Antique Chinese Hardstone Brush Washer The Zentner Collection
19c netsuke SLUG on REISHI FUNGUS by HIDEHARU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $2,200.00
19c netsuke ONI lotus CATFISH Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1,250.00
19c netsuke SHOKI the Demon Queller & submissive ONI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $750.00
19c netsuke BOY & DARUMA roly-poly Dmitry Levit Asian Art $595.00
Unusual Oak S-Roll Top Desk Beyond Expression Antiques $2,500.00
Howard Sterling Co. 4 Piece Brush and Mirror Set 1890s Fiona Kenny Antiques $275.00
Moche Bean Bottle Arte Xibalba $450.00
Antique Silver and Crystal Potpourri Box Cherub Antiques Gallery Inquire
Narino Bowl Arte Xibalba $150.00
Antique French Ormolu Firescreen STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $1,350.00
Stone Gorinto 5-Tiered Stupa Pagoda Nanbokucho~Muromachi 15 c. Antique Stones Japan $3,200.00
Antique Japanese Oribe Tea Sweets Plates C.1920 Kodo Arts $375.00
Antique Japanese Bronze Elephant Flower Vase Kodo Arts $1,400.00
Nouveau Sterling Repousse Brush - Fin de Siecle Period Pieces $105.00
Chinese Han dynasty Pottery vase 206 BCE-220 CE China 中国叀董 Tribal Art Antiques £325.00