Mint Quality Greek Illyrian Helmet with Superb Patina: Ex Guttmann
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Chinese Yuan to Ming Dynasty Gray Glazed Porcelain Tapered Vase Petrie-Rogers Gallery $85.00
19c netsuke boy as EBISU toy fish by KIZAN ex Winkworth Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1,250.00
19c netsuke SOSHI by MINKOKU Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1,200.00
19c walnut netsuke 50 masks & OJIME ex Royal Coll Dmitry Levit Asian Art $950.00
19c netsuke SCULPTOR & Guardian King by NORITOSHI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $950.00
Large 11" Chinese Jin Song Dynasty Black Glaze Stoneware Ceramic Vase Petrie-Rogers Gallery $375.00
Complete Greek Terracotta Applique of a God Apolonia Ancient Art $325.00
Fine & Rare Chinese Yellow Soapstone Carving, Liu Hai, circa 1630-1730 Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £2,750.00
18th Century Arita Porcelain Deep Dish from Japan Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £125.00
18c netsuke PEASANT smoking on RAFT Dmitry Levit Asian Art $875.00
19c netsuke ACROBAT & DRUMMER Dmitry Levit Asian Art $750.00
19c netsuke BAG of PATIENCE Dmitry Levit Asian Art $395.00
Rare Chinese Carved Bamboo Boy on Buffalo, Ming Dynasty 1368-1644 Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £450.00
Silver Anglo-Indian Calling Card Case ca 1900 E & M Perez $250.00
34" Handmade Chinese Silver Chain and Pendants - 19th Century E & M Perez $185.00
Fine 18th Century Sampler - Rare Hebrew Alphabet - Double Stitched E & M Perez $1,650.00
Three Antique Chinese Tortoise Shell Utensil Sets Ancient East $395.00