Chinese Kangxi Cafe-au-Lait Style PorcelainTea Bowl and Saucer Helen M Edwards $330.00
Chinese Porcelain Calligraphic Dish, Republic Mark Helen M Edwards $310.00
Japanese anrique silk shibori jyuban kimono of hagoromo pattern Japanese Antique & Textile saiyuu2 $230.00
Chinese Porcelain Famille Rose Vase, Hongxian Mark and Period Helen M Edwards $630.00
Rare Pyu Red Agate Sacred Bull Seal Gold Ring - 100 - 500 AD JJ Oriental On Request
Qing Dynasty Jade Ornamental Disc The Beantree Collection $475.00
Tang Pottery Cow Abhaya Asian Antiques $120.00
Silvered copper and enamel cup and saucer, Chinese Global Ceramics $90.00
Japanese 19th c lacquer: Edo gold & silver maki-e sake cup / sakazuki Global Ceramics $250.00
Japanese Imari cup and saucer by Aoki, Arita, c 1920 Global Ceramics $110.00
Japanese Koransha trefoil Three Friends of Winter bowl Global Ceramics $90.00
Imari tankard, Qianlong period, c 1750 Global Ceramics $180.00
19c netsuke SHISHI fighting by TOMOCHIKA ex Storno Collection Dmitry Levit Asian Art $1,950.00
19c netsuke 12 MASKS by MASAKATA Dmitry Levit Asian Art $950.00
Chinese Yellow-Ground Carved Green-Enamelled Plate LIUHEXUAN Gallery $1,800.00
Ancient Pre-Columbian Veracruz Figure, 300 BC-300 AD Ostracon Ancient Art $480.00
Costa Rican Bowl with Monkeys, el Bosque Ceramic, 1st-5th Century AD Ostracon Ancient Art $480.00
Costa Rican Chocolate Pot, Late Period, 1-500 AD Ostracon Ancient Art $420.00