Pre-Columbian Pectoral Jade Pendant, Authentic 100%, Mayan RelicHuntersus $1,500.00
Pre-Columbian Mayan Jade and Gold Bead Bracelet With Gold Frog Pendant RelicHuntersus $1,700.00
Pre-Columbian Carved Agate Pendant on Custom Stand RelicHuntersus $1,750.00
Pre-Columbian Mayan Jaguar Effigy Vessel, Authentic RelicHuntersus $1,800.00
Pre-Columbian Carnelian Beads, Collection, Tairona Culture RelicHuntersus $1,850.00
Pre-Columbian Mayan Mosaic Jade Face Bead Pendant, Authentic RelicHuntersus $2,000.00
Pre-Columbian Carved Hard Green Stone Face, Translucent RelicHuntersus $2,000.00
Authentic Pre-Columbian Light Green Jade Avian Mace Head, Costa Rica RelicHuntersus $2,200.00
Etruscan Bucchero Ware Chalice, 625-600 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $1,650.00
Egyptian Faience Shabti for Nes-Mut, 1070-664 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $1,000.00
Egyptian Openwork Plaque with Udjat Eye, TIP, 1069-664 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $1,350.00
Early Corinthian Aryballos with Dolphin, 625-600 BC Ostracon Ancient Art $1,450.00
Greek South Italian Kantharos, 4th Century BC Ostracon Ancient Art $1,350.00
Syro-Hittite Bull-headed Stand, ex Cahn, 2nd Millennium BC Ostracon Ancient Art $380.00
LARGE Chinese Tang Dynasty Painted Pottery Camel with TL Test (75cm) BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART £8,500.00
Very Rare Large Chinese Yuan Blue & White Covered Jar with Oxford TL BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART £3,000.00
Rare Chinese Northern Wei Dynasty Painted Pottery Pack Horse BRIAN PAGE ORIENTAL ART £750.00
Babylonian Cuneiform Stone Tablet Antiqua Gallery $110.00