2 Early Antique Hickory Wood Shaft Golf Club irons ATCO and Meadowlark Stonegate Antiques $45.00
Antique Spalding hickory wood shaft Mashie Niblick Ladies golf club Stonegate Antiques $40.00
Unusual Antique vintage hickory wood shaft DUAL FACE BRASS golf club Stonegate Antiques $50.00
A Unique Qingbai Carved Peony Dish, Song Kylin Chinese Antiques $550.00
Ko Imari Shochikubai-mon Somenishikide Nagazara Late Mid Edo 18C EastWest Gallery $165.00
Rare Syrian Stamp seal w confronting Goats, 14th-11th. cent BC! Senatus Consulto $325.00
Mesopotamian Stamp seal with confronting monkeys, 4th. mill BC! Senatus Consulto $395.00
Rare Phoenician inscribed Scaraboid Stamp Seal, ca. 9th.-7th. cent BC Senatus Consulto $475.00
Ko Imari Sometsuke Dragon and Flaming Pearl Nagazara c.1780 EastWest Gallery $130.00
Dated Japanese Bronze Lotus form Incense Burner Mid Edo 18C EastWest Gallery $240.00
Tang dynasty Changsa jar Pigura Asian Art $450.00
Cizhou Amphora Abhaya Asian Antiques $300.00
Jizhou Jar Abhaya Asian Antiques $140.00
Japanese Antique Small Box with Drawers Zentner Collection $250.00
19th Century Antique French Renaissance Style Armchair Nicole Maleine Antiques, Inc $1,150.00
19th Century Antique Italian Rococo Walnut Crest Nicole Maleine Antiques, Inc $595.00