Nazca Bags Bowl Arte Xibalba $300.00
Stone Metate Arte Xibalba $400.00
Indian Miniature Mewar Painting of Maharaja on White Horse Zentner Collection $900.00
Chinese Lock Charm with a Rat Motif Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Japanese Kutani Porcelain Mother and Child Figure Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Antique Japanese Gifu Mizuya (Kitchen Chest) Persimmon Wood Accents Zentner Collection $2,750.00
Pair of Antique Shreve Adam Sterling Silver Candlesticks Nelson & Nelson Antiques $2,660.00
Japanese Natural, Three-dimensional root wood panel Dragon's Pearl $1,000.00
Carpenter Square Quilt: Circa 1880; Pennsylvania Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts $1,150.00
Egyptian Coptic Female Figure, Published 1921, 6th-7th Century AD Ostracon Ancient Art $980.00
Egyptian Ampulla with Female Heads, Published 1921, 3rd-2nd Century BC Ostracon Ancient Art $1,450.00
Egyptian Bottle with Nursing Besit, Published 1921, 2nd-1st Century BC Ostracon Ancient Art $1,250.00
Chinese Famille Rose Vase Helen M Edwards $400.00
Momoyama period Japanese Bizen Ko-Tsubo The Kura $1,700.00