18th C. Persian Etched Cast Brass Candlesticks Lamps Jasmine Salon and Bazaar $2,400.00
American Chippendale Mahogany Tilt Top Tea Table, MA, Ca 1780 SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $2,400.00
Latin American 18thc Lge Santo of Animas-Soul in Purgatory Forteleza Antiques Inc. USD $2,400.00
Appealing Egyptian Wooden Mummy Mask: Ex Sotheby's - Pankow Coll. Apolonia Ancient Art $2,375.00
Superb Burmese Repousse Silver Ink Well. Coins and Antiques Gallery $2,375.00
Mint Quality Roman Glass Jug with Exceptional Encrusted Patina Apolonia Ancient Art $2,375.00
Georgian Irish Silver Large Sugar Basket R and S Antiques $2,475.00
Rare & X-Large Cycladic Marble "Stargazer" Kilia Type Head: Ex Berk Apolonia Ancient Art $2,375.00
Lustrous and Mint Quality Greek Attic Black-glazed Squat Lekythos Apolonia Ancient Art $2,365.00
Mint Quality Large Greek Geometric Period Trefoil Pitcher Apolonia Ancient Art $2,365.00
Mint Vicus Seated Transformation Figurine with Lobed Head: Ex Fischer Apolonia Ancient Art $2,365.00
Superb & Intact Greek Bronze Oinochoe with Trefoil Spout Apolonia Ancient Art $2,365.00
Complete Theatrical Roman Bronze of a Drunken Seated Silenus Figure Apolonia Ancient Art $2,365.00
Superb & Realistic Roman Bronze Portrait Bust of Marcus Aurelius Apolonia Ancient Art $2,365.00
Large and Vibrant Nazca Globular Vessel with Spirit God: Ex Marschall Apolonia Ancient Art $2,365.00
Flawless Roman Brilliant Green Glass Jar with Four Applied Handles Apolonia Ancient Art $2,365.00