Pre-Columbian ~ CHIMU ~ Blackware Anthropomorphic STIRRUP SPOUT Vessel Galleria Verges $400.00
F. Walter Lawrence Hand Wrought Sterling Arts & Crafts Desk Set Silverman's Selected Antiques $2,400.00
Large Roycroft Oak Frame by Head Carpenter William Roth Silverman's Selected Antiques $1,500.00
KISHIMOJIN t a t a m i $200.00
19c ceramic netsuke ACTOR in SHOJO role Dmitry Levit Asian Art $100.00
Tumbling Blocks Quilt: Circa 1920; Ohio Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts $875.00
Chinese White Jade Phoenix Pendant, with Green Jade Beaded Chain Helen M Edwards $450.00
Chinese White Jade Wheel with Central Open Helix Helen M Edwards $500.00
19c Japanese bronze SCROLL WEIGHT / brush rest CHIMERA by TAKUSAI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $600.00
Chinese Ming Glazed Guard House - 1368 - 1644 AD JJ Oriental $575.00
Set of 12 delft tiles of fruit basket with manganese ground c. 1750 Delaplane Antiques $300.00
Japanese Ginbari Cloisonne Vase with Chrysanthemun, Meiji. Galerie Hafner $280.00
shipping included
Ancient Jadeite Jade Pendant 100-500 BC JJ Oriental $375.00
Copper and Brass Secession Wine Cooler Cherub Antiques Gallery $1250.00