Spongeware mug China Rose Antiques A$150.00
Caughley hand painted porcelain tea bowl China Rose Antiques A$110.00
Antique Mintons Plate, Artist Signed Judith Ravnitzky $265.00
8 hand painted plates most views of Scotland. Britain c. 1880 Delaplane Antiques $320.00
3 Royal Worcester hand painted floral plates. England 1877 Delaplane Antiques $120.00
Stoneware Orange Marmalade Jar, England c 1878 Delaplane Antiques $30.00
Stoneware light blue transfer plate “Genevese” England c. 1830 Delaplane Antiques $30.00
Hand painted porcelain plate “Loch Leven” c. 1880 Britain Delaplane Antiques $30.00
Hand painted tea bowl and saucer poss. Bristol China Rose Antiques A$170.00
Rathbone bat printed porcelain cup c1810 China Rose Antiques A$90.00
Chamberlain's Worcester Small/Dessert Plate, Pattern 61, Ca. 1795-1800 Cliff Nunn - Antiques $35.00
Chamberlain's Worcester Trio, Pattern No. 61, Circa 1795-1800 Cliff Nunn - Antiques $95.00
First period Worcester hand painted teapot China Rose Antiques A$900.00
Antique Royal Worcester Cup, Saucer & Dessert Plate, French Enamel Judith Ravnitzky $295.00
Antique Doulton Cabine Plate, Artist Signed B Judith Ravnitzky $395.00
Antique Doulton Cabinet Plate, Artist Signed A Judith Ravnitzky $395.00
First period Worcester saucer Three Flowers pattern China Rose Antiques A$125.00