Antique Woven Splint Oak Egg Basket Ancient East $385.00
Carved wooden Tennessee mountain folk with handsewn clothes Country and Shaker Antiques $445.00
Abraham Parsell Portrait Miniature c1833 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $2,150.00
Very large blue wallpaper box from NH 18"x15"x11" Circa 1840-50 Country and Shaker Antiques $825.00
Americana Artist's Trade Sign c1830 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $1,250.00
A Jane Anthony Davis Watercolor Portrait c1847-1850 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $1,675.00
Antique Checkers Game Board Ancient East $760.00
Fine rare English Tudor Period Folk Art Wood Carving Tribal Art Antiques Inquire
Large Antique Split Oak Field Basket Ancient East $570.00
1830 leather hand sewn women's shoes so nice with original ties Country and Shaker Antiques $325.00
Shaker confetti table mat with nice brown border C.1900 Country and Shaker Antiques $195.00
Fine antique Danish wooden Mangle board, early dating of 1799! Senatus Consulto $375.00
Superb large Danish Horse handle Mangle Board, early 19th. century! Senatus Consulto $395.00
China old big heroic The Tretiak Collection
Attractive Danish Horse handle Mangle Board, dated 1816! Senatus Consulto $350.00
Small antique Shaker/Maine Native American sewing basket 1870-80 Country and Shaker Antiques $185.00
an extra special black doll pen wipe made with a wishbone Country and Shaker Antiques $245.00
Painting of a cat kitten with a blue bow and the sweetest look 19th C. Country and Shaker Antiques $185.00