Antique Glass

From 18th century English drinking glasses, to decorative European glass of the 19th century, to Victorian and early 20th century American art glass, select among thousands of antique glass listings available for purchase. Hundreds of sellers offer fine American, English, Bohemian, French, Italian, German and Scandinavian glass for sale.

Galle Bowl with Fuschia Private Stock $1,250.00
American brilliant cut period dessert bowl Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $45.00
2 American Brilliant Cut Glass Dessert Bowls Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $140.00
Pair American Brilliant Cut Glass Dessert Bowls & Saucers Lilly Parker Antiques, Inc. $150.00
Antique Bohemian Cut Glass Decanter For Islamic Middle Eastern Ottoman Hundred and One Antiques $2,500.00
Stars & Green Glass - Sugar Shaker - England Period Pieces $245.00
Moser Cranberry Tumbler with Acorns Private Stock $345.00
Two Late 1800’s Bohemian Double-Walled Small Cups with Hunting Scenes EurAsia Fine Art $750.00
Crown Milano Sweetmeat Private Stock $695.00
Hollow Stem Cameo Cordial Private Stock $475.00
Acorn Red Bowl 6.25" Fenton Art Glass J S Antiques $223.25
Tiffany Green Pastel Compote Private Stock $550.00
Steuben Ivrene Candlesticks Private Stock $395.00
Moser Vase with Acorns & Oak Leaves Private Stock $875.00
Moser Cranberry Cologne Bottle Private Stock $425.00
Many Fruits Electric Blue Bowl 9.25" Northwood Glass Company J S Antiques $332.50
Webb Peachblow Vase Private Stock $525.00
Locke Art Rose Pattern Compote Private Stock $375.00