American Japonesque Applied & Hand Hammered Sterling Silver Perfume Nelson & Nelson Antiques $556.50
Rare Antique Tiffany Chrysanthemum Sterling Silver Asparagus Tray Nelson & Nelson Antiques $6,650.00
Antique American Edwardian Sterling Silver Grape Shears Nelson & Nelson Antiques $245.00
Antique Gorham Victorian Sterling Silver Shaving Mug Nelson & Nelson Antiques $486.50
Sterling silver hand mirror and brush set China Rose Antiques A$295.00
English Victorian Jeweled Sterling Silver Boudoir Picture Frame 1899 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $346.50
Antique German Rococo Silver Bread Tray C 1910 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $525.00
Gorham Imperial Chrysanthemum Sterling Silver Nut Cracker Nelson & Nelson Antiques $346.50
English Victorian Georgian Thread & Shell Sterling Silver Soup Ladle Nelson & Nelson Antiques $770.00
European bronze plaque w Coat of Arms, Spanish Habsburg, 16th. cent! Senatus Consulto $895.00
Sterling Silver Dessert Set Theodore B. Starr R and S Antiques $725.00
Tiffany Sterling Coffee Pot John C. Moore II Mark R and S Antiques $675.00
Tiffany Sterling Silver 3 Handle Loving Cup; 1896, Hamilton College R and S Antiques $725.00
Jenkins & Jenkins Sterling Silver Footed Cake Stand or Razza R and S Antiques $775.00
Hawkes Crystal and Sterling Silver Cocktail Pitcher R and S Antiques $675.00
Pair Tiffany Sterling Footed Compotes or Tazzas R and S Antiques $2,775.00
Coin Silver Mug; Charters Cann & Dunn R and S Antiques $295.00
Coin silver Mug, Francis W. Cooper NY 1850 R and S Antiques $225.00