Fine Early Kings Pattern Coin Silver Fish Slice by R. & W. Wilson Cliff Nunn - Antiques $175.00
Rare Very Early Old English Pattern Crested Soup Ladle Circa 1755 Cliff Nunn - Antiques $395.00
Fine Pair of Crested Georgian Stuffing Spoons by Thomas Chawner, 1774 Cliff Nunn - Antiques $395.00
Early 19th Century Italian Silver Tea or Coffee Pot, Naples c. 1832-35 Cliff Nunn - Antiques $195.00
Set of Six French Silver-Gilt Tea or Coffee Spoons by Fran├žois Josan Cliff Nunn - Antiques $125.00
Georgian Irish Stuffing Spn w/Stewart Armorial of Pelican In Its Piety Cliff Nunn - Antiques $165.00
Antique French Silver Toddy Ladle 18th Century Hallmark 950 Pure Antiquarian Art Co. $375.00
Antique Cast Iron Fireback David Anthony $515.00
Tall Antique American Art Nouveau Silver Overlay Decanter Nelson & Nelson Antiques $875.00
Pair of Antique European Shagreen and Silver Candlesticks C 1880 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $6,650.00
Antique Tiffany Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Flower Bowl Nelson & Nelson Antiques $1,925.00
Antique American Aesthetic Coin Silver Baby Cup by Chicago Maker Nelson & Nelson Antiques $350.00
English Arts & Crafts Silver Shot Glasses Cherub Antiques Gallery $1,700.00
French Burgundian Style Silver Wine Taster Tastevin Kensington House Antiques $550.00
Hanau German Silver Bombe Tea Caddy David Anthony $1,150.00
French Silver Louis XVIII Burgundian Style Wine Taster Tastevin Kensington House Antiques $850.00
Antique French Belle Epoque Classical Silver Inkwell on Stand Nelson & Nelson Antiques $1,015.00
Antique Gorham Art Nouveau Red Silver Overlay Cologne Bottle Nelson & Nelson Antiques $2,450.00
Large Antique Alvin Art Nouveau Green Silver Overlay Vase Nelson & Nelson Antiques $2,275.00
Loire Valley French Silver Tastevin Wine Taster--19th Century Kensington House Antiques $495.00
Parrod French Silver Tastevin Wine Taster Kensington House Antiques $375.00
Webster Queen Anne Style Sterling Swing Handle Candy or Bonbon Basket Fiona Kenny Antiques $160.00
Antique Gorham American Classical Sterling Silver Compote 1876 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $3,150.00
Large Antique French Restauration Etruscan Silver Coffeepot C 1820 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $5,950.00
Tiffany Tall and Striking Sterling Silver Vase with Leafing Branches Nelson & Nelson Antiques $3,500.00
Two Pairs of Tiffany Chrysanthemum Sterling Silver Serving Bowls Nelson & Nelson Antiques $5,460.00
Port, Sherry, Vodka: Group of 3 English Sterling Silver Liquor Tags Nelson & Nelson Antiques $385.00
European Silver Reticulated Figural Fish Vinaigrette C 1880 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $1,295.00
Antique European Silver Sauce Boat in 18th-Century Style Nelson & Nelson Antiques $665.00
Set of 3 Super Stylish Early Tiffany Etruscan Revival Tureens C 1865 Nelson & Nelson Antiques $13,000.00
English Art Nouveau Silver Photo Frame Cherub Antiques Gallery $975.00
Antique English Golf Spoon Cherub Antiques Gallery $290.00
Tiffany Chrysanthemum Sterling Silver 5-Light Centerpiece Candelabrum Nelson & Nelson Antiques $17,875.00
Antique English Edwardian Enameled Sterling Silver Posy Holder Nelson & Nelson Antiques $626.50
Antique Tiffany Edwardian Art Nouveau Sterling Silver Bar Pitcher Nelson & Nelson Antiques $1,400.00
Antique English Silver and Agate Vesta Case Cherub Antiques Gallery $950.00