Antique American Sailors Cane Handle STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $575.00
Carved Ivory Horse Head Riding Crop STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $475.00
Chinese carver ivory page turner Asian Ethnic Artifacts $125.00
Antique French Miniature Portrait Painting, 19th C. Coins and Antiques Gallery $325.00
Antique 19th century Canadian silver Mounted Scrimshaw Hundred and One Antiques $3,500.00
Antique Victorian Ivory Knife Rests Gideon Antiques $85.00
Antique Carved Ivory Crocodile Folk Art Gideon Antiques $90.00
19th Century Ivory Cane Or Parasol handle Gideon Antiques $175.00
Antique American Scrimshaw Bone Spoon Whimsy The Incurable Collector $150.00
Charles X French Ivory Desktop Aneroid Barometer Kensington House Antiques $3,500.00
19th Century European IVORY/SILVER Toothpick Case SwisSiam-Arts-Antiques-Gems Sold
ART NOUVEAU CARVED IVORY HANDLE PICKLE FORK c1900 Antiques and Decor by Fiona On Hold