European Ivory Lute Player Danielle Marino, LCSW, LLC $680.00
Handpainted Miniature on Resin David Pownall Willis $385.00
Carved Black Forest Wooden Box Cherub Antiques Gallery Inquire
Handpainted Miniature Ivory, 1775-1833 David Pownall Willis $1,350.00
Early 19th Century Chinese Figure Of A Seated Queen Ancient Asia Arts and Antiquities
Antique English Papier Mache Tazza with Oriental Decoration STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $450.00
Beautifully Carved Early Chineese Puzzle Ball And Stand Ancient Asia Arts and Antiquities $385.00
Early 19th Century Ivory Statue Of A Chinese Deity Ancient Asia Arts and Antiquities $1,075.00
Beautiful19 Cent Ivory Figure Of A Musician Holding A Dizi Koudi (Flu Ancient Asia Arts and Antiquities $695.00
Small Ivory Anglo Indian Dresser Box STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $625.00
Rare carved ivory chinese brush pot ca 1860 $1,500.00
Victorian papier maché & mother of pearl plaque by Jennens & Bettridge Global Ceramics $90.00
Antique pantry box with Raisin label 1830-40 Country and Shaker Antiques $485.00
Wonderful very large antique firkin with Flower on side Country and Shaker Antiques $425.00
Two antique bone thread winders, early sewing Country and Shaker Antiques $55.00
Silvery Antique Fragment from a Starburst My French Chateau $50.00
19th C. doll rocking chair lithograph back seat original antique Country and Shaker Antiques $85.00
European Early 20th Century Carved and Ebonized Tramp Art Frame Susquehanna Frames $400.00