Antique Tree of Life Crewel Embroidery Drapery Curtain Panels June Hastings $1,250.00
Japanese antique rare silk hokai-string japanes antique textile saiyuu2 $188.60
Japanese antique indigo dye katazome hemp roll fabric japanes antique textile saiyuu2 $800.00
Butterfly Quilt , Hand Sewn 10 Stitches per inch, 84" X 75" East Dennis Antiques $265.00
European Gold Embroidered Silk Bonnet with Sequins, around 1800. Galerie Hafner $280.00
shipping included
A Bavarian Embroidery "Tracht" Costume Woman's Bonnet, Germany c. 1900 Galerie Hafner $420.00
shipping included
Antique needlepoint of dog in tiger maple frame June Hastings $850.00
A Khotan Mat Keep Fine Arts $6,000.00
A Khotan Coffered Gul Carpet - Late Eighteenth Century Keep Fine Arts $18,000.00
Antique Bowtie Quilt East Dennis Antiques $285.00
Framed Victorian White Lace Hand Fan June Hastings $325.00
New Hampshire Sampler ca 1800 Birds and Butterflies E & M Perez $375.00
Early 17th Century Embroidered Textile Leslie Antiques Ltd. $3,500.00
Early Italian Cut Velvet Panel 16th Century Leslie Antiques Ltd. $2,500.00
A Bavarian Goldwork "Tracht" Costume Woman's Hat, Germany c. 1900 Galerie Hafner $550.00
shipping included
Pointe de Venice Lace Tablecloth and 12 Napkins c1920 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $795.00