Calico Tumbler Quilt; Circa 1880; Penn. Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts $795.00
A child's antique red, white and blue cloth bonnet late 1800's Country and Shaker Antiques $135.00
Big old blue eyes antique flannel sheep toy 19th C. Country and Shaker Antiques $245.00
Victorian Bookmark, The Cross is My Anchor Granite Pail Collectibles $25.00
Very beautiful early 1800's blue knit stockings with initials Country and Shaker Antiques $325.00
American Sampler from Massachusetts, 1818 M. Finkel & Daughter $7,500.00
Birds, Flowers and Basket Needlework Picture with Beads, circa 1870 M. Finkel & Daughter $720.00
Mid 19th Century Leather Shoes with Label Stella Rubin Antique Quilts and Decorative Arts $485.00
Star of Bethlehem Trapunto Quilt c1880 Leslie Antiques Ltd. $1,850.00
Needlework East Dennis Antiques $85.00
American Silk Embroidery from Pennsylvania, 1823 M. Finkel & Daughter $18,000.00
English Sampler, 1810 M. Finkel & Daughter $2,200.00
American Sampler from Tennessee, 1847 M. Finkel & Daughter $15,000.00
Tiny Embroidered Pouch, Persian, 19th C Granite Pail Collectibles $35.00
American Sampler from Vermont, 1820 M. Finkel & Daughter $4,200.00
American Silk Embroidery from Massachusetts, circa 1815 M. Finkel & Daughter $8,500.00
Lovely Pair of Victorian Beaded Wall Pockets Granite Pail Collectibles $155.00
Fine Tibetan Prayer Mat 19th c Leslie Antiques Ltd. $1,750.00