Antique Furniture, Lighting and Accessories

Antique furniture and accessories for sale. Architectural antiques, garden decorations, antique lighting, wall and table top accessories, and European, American and Asian furniture including many period examples from hundreds of sellers. Select from tables, chests and seating; to boxes, frames and mirrors; to candle holders, chandeliers and lamps; to statuary, fountains and urns; and other decorative and useful items for the home and garden.

Late Eighteenth Century Swiss Pewter Tankard Stout Form 9” height L'Enfant Gallery $800.00
English Early Nineteenth Century Pewter Tankard Dated 1709 L'Enfant Gallery $1,200.00
Antique Armenian Star Kazak Carpet Circa 1900 Measuring 5x9 feet L'Enfant Gallery $3,250.00
Set Of 8 French Louis XV Period Style Oak side chairs Northern France L'Enfant Gallery $4,000.00
Irish 18th Century Queen Anne Flame Stitch Upholstered & Mahogany L'Enfant Gallery $8,500.00
Turkmen Tribal Tent Entry Antique Carpet Circa 1880 50x17 in L'Enfant Gallery $2,000.00
Antique Turkmen 19th Century Kilim Vivid Colored 120”x100” L'Enfant Gallery $4,000.00
Very Fine And Rare Turkmen Kilim Tent tapestry Circa 1900 50x40 in. L'Enfant Gallery $1,250.00
Mexican 18th Century Crucifix Painting Oil On Panel 45”x28” L'Enfant Gallery $3,800.00
19th Century Antique Turkmen Wool Tribal Rug 46”x22” L'Enfant Gallery $950.00
Antique 19th Century Turkish Senah Design Kilim Rug Tapestry 64”X50” L'Enfant Gallery $7,000.00
Afghanistan Kilim Wool Rug Circa 1890 Runner 210”x33” L'Enfant Gallery $2,800.00
Afghanistan Oriental Wool Rug Circa 1900 measuring 144” x 108 L'Enfant Gallery $5,500.00
Persian Prayer Rug in Wool Circa 1900-1920 measuring 26”x24” L'Enfant Gallery $650.00
Hampshire Pottery Chamber Stick, dated 1882, England 6" x 5" L'Enfant Gallery $550.00
Sheffield Plate Chamber Stick, England, circa 1800, 4" x 7" L'Enfant Gallery $375.00
Antique Indian Brass and Rosewood Brides Dowery Box India 19th Century Antiquarian Art Co. $895.00