Eighteenth Century Tortoiseshell Snuffbox L'Enfant Gallery $600.00
Pair of Polish Candlesticks Silver Wash Repoussé Russian Halmarks 1908 L'Enfant Gallery $1,800.00
Russian circa 1900 Crystal and gilded Frame 2.5x3” L'Enfant Gallery $350.00
Edwardian leather covered jewellery case China Rose Antiques A$320.00
French Art Nouveau Set of Four Side Chairs Circa 1890 L'Enfant Gallery $4,800.00
Important Inca textile fragment FIGURE multicolored 15x10” L'Enfant Gallery $3,500.00
Unusual Small Chinese Hardwood Altar Cabinet Zentner Collection $2,500.00
Japanese Geta Bako (Shoe Chest) Tochi & Hinoki Vintage Taisho/Showa Zentner Collection $850.00
Japanese Single Section Natural Mizuya Zentner Collection $2,550.00
Natural 2-Section Japanese Kannon Biraki tansu Zentner Collection $1,600.00
Rare Small Dutch Marquetry Collectors Cabinet STUDIO ANTIQUES & FINE ART, INC. $3,500.00
Rare Edo P. Japanese Niigata Keyaki Bar Tansu Zentner Collection On Request
New England Embroidered Sampler, dated 1811 SUSQUEHANNA Antique Company, Inc. $600.00
Jugendstil Nouveau Secessionist Silver Plate Box, WMF Germany, circa 1 Louis Wine Ltd $950.00
WMF Jugendstil Secessionist Silver plate Box, Germany Louis Wine Ltd $1,250.00
Art Deco Exotic Brass Jewellery Box, Germany, circa 1920 Louis Wine Ltd $650.00
Antique Jeweled Ormolu Vase Tresors de Belles $350.00
WMF Photo Frame Jugendstil Art Nouveau Secessionist Germany C 1905 Louis Wine Ltd $1,650.00