Rare Antique Sakata Funa Hon Tansu Document Chest Keyaki Edo Era Zentner Collection $5,500.00
Antique Korean Money Chest 19th Century Red Pine Zentner Collection $1,400.00
Antique Korean Nong 19th Century Elm 2 Section Zentner Collection $2,250.00
Antique Japanese Okidoko Low Display Tansu Keyaki Meiji Era Zentner Collection $1,250.00
American Federal Period Mahogany Lolling Chair With Line Inlay Spoils of Time $975.00
An Elegant Late Federal Spider Legged Work Table, Original Surface Spoils of Time $780.00
Late 18th Ccntury Classical Card Table, Probably American Federal Spoils of Time $2,400.00
antique natural day cotton tsutsugaki big furoshiki japanes antique textile saiyuu2 $230.00
Early American Connecticut Queen Anne highboy Antiques Collaborative, Inc. $3,250.00
Rare Gold Lacquer Kodansu Tora Tori Gallery €13,500.00
Japanese 6-Panel Screen Tora Tori Gallery €5,900.00
Antique Japanese Todana Tansu Chest Hinoki Meiji Era Zentner Collection $2,400.00
Antique Japanese Kotansu Administrator Traveling Chest Dual Open Edo Zentner Collection $2,900.00
Antique Japanese Nihon Matsu Tansu Chest 2 Section Keyaki Urushi Meiji Zentner Collection $4,500.00
Antique Shinto Shrine Kamidana Tansu 2 Section Keyaki Meiji Zentner Collection $3,500.00
Antique Japanese Todana Tansu (display chest) Hinoki Meiji Zentner Collection $2,400.00