Stone (Granite) Lantern Ishi-doro Edo Period 18 c. Antique Stones Japan $6,200.00
pair of antique cast iron mastiffs, American early 1900's Summerhill Gallery $2,900.00
Antique carved stone statue of classical youth holding grapes Summerhill Gallery $1,900.00
British antique lead figures of the four seasons Summerhill Gallery $2,600.00
Antique cast iron whippet: provenance Cole Porter Summerhill Gallery On Request
Antique cast figures of boy and girl in patinated lead Summerhill Gallery On Request
Antique pastoral garden figure in polychrome zinc Summerhill Gallery $2,800.00
Antique lead statue of woman in rapture Summerhill Gallery On Request
ancient carved stone figural fragment Summerhill Gallery $1,800.00
English carved limestone figure of boy playing flute Summerhill Gallery On Request
Antique bronze of boy with goat signed Angles Summerhill Gallery On Request
Rare carved stone sculptures of embracing putti Summerhill Gallery On Request
Lovely Adirondack/ Arts and Crafts Stone Planter Schneible Fine Arts LLC On Request
Italian carved marble fountain figure ca 1880 Summerhill Gallery $1,800.00
lion's head building element of cast concrete Summerhill Gallery $220.00
Meditating Sitting stone buddha statue West Coast Trading Group $529.00
Extraordinary meditating Buddha stone plate West Coast Trading Group $589.00
Exquisite Buddhist Meditating plate back and side view West Coast Trading Group $459.00