Antique Instruments and Implements

Antique musical instruments, Culinary implements and more are available for purchase in this category group of useful objects including tools, timepieces, walking sticks, maritime and scientific instruments, and writing implements - pre-dating 1920. Emphasis is on collectible innovations and objects that have facilitated or improved life, pursuits, fashion and work.

HAMPDEN 23j RAILWAY SPECIAL DIAL SSD Hunting Model NOS Watch Company $40.00
M.S. Smith Detroit 18k Gold Exposition Hunting Case No 79 Watch Company $18,000.00
HAMPDEN 18 Size Hunting Model SSD Arabic Script Signature NOS Watch Company $30.00
HAMPDEN 16 Size SSD Open Face Roman figures RED SIGNTURES Watch Company $30.00
Attractive European Flemish Gothic bronze cauldron, 1500s Senatus Consulto $750.00
Treen: a burl wood thread box & crochet hook or needle case Global Ceramics $140.00
European Gothic 17 cm. tall bronze mortar with lions, ca. 1500-1550! Senatus Consulto $1,350.00
HAMPDEN 18s RAILWAIY SPECIAL PORCELAIN RR Porcelain Dial NOS Watch Company $58.00
Massive European Gothic renaissance bronze mortar, ca. 1550-1580 Senatus Consulto $1,250.00
J.P. Stevens & Bro. Atlanta, Ga. 15j NICKEL, Serial No. #142,426 1884 Watch Company $850.00
AMERICAN W.Co.14k GOLD 16 Size Hunting Model 1879 FIRE COMMINISSIONER Watch Company $3,500.00
ELGIN 14k GOLD BOX HINGED HUNTING CASE 6 Size : C: 1881 Watch Company $2,500.00
FREDONIA WATCH CO. Fredonia, N.Y. MARK TWAIN C:1882 Watch Company $3,000.00
MELROSE WATCH Co. BOSTON, Mass. 4oz. Coin Silver HC C: 1866 Watch Company $1,150.00
TRENTON W.Co. 18 Size 7 Jewels 4th Model Serial No. 786,611. C:1904 Watch Company $400.00
ROCKFORD W.Co. 3/4 Plate Gilt, 7j, Key Wind Low No. 114,170 C:1880 Watch Company $400.00
Independent W. Co. Fredonia, N.Y. Ill. KW/SW Conversion 4oz. Coin 1881 Watch Company $1,150.00
19th C English Lignum Vitae Wood Treenware String Holder June Hastings $385.00