Antique Instruments and Implements

Antique musical instruments, Culinary implements and more are available for purchase in this category group of useful objects including tools, timepieces, walking sticks, maritime and scientific instruments, and writing implements - pre-dating 1920. Emphasis is on collectible innovations and objects that have facilitated or improved life, pursuits, fashion and work.

Huge brass apothecary mortar with dolphin handles, c. 1690 Senatus Consulto $650.00
Pair of pattern 1798 Heavy .75 Dragoon pistols, London by Henry Nock! Senatus Consulto $3,795.00
3 C1920s Golf Clubs with Hickory Shafts Burke Hillerich Bradsby C Wood Stonegate Antiques $60.00
NATIONAL W.Co. W.H. Ferry Silver KW Hunting Case WILD WEST C: 1870 Watch Company $850.00
2 C1930 Golf Clubs Wright Ditson Niblick Mashie + Spalding 3 Iron Stonegate Antiques $70.00
ROCKFORD Model 1 All Original 3oz. Coin Silver Pocket Faub 1879 Watch Company $479.00
ROCKFORD MODEL 3 Hunting Model 15 Jewels 1884 ALASKA SILVER Watch Company $269.00
Staghorn walking stick with a grotesque head Global Ceramics $450.00
French Art Nouveau silver plated walking stick Global Ceramics $400.00
Karen Ritual Rice Sickle: Free Shipping Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Pair of Italian cavalry flintlock pistols by Lazaro Lazarino c.18th. c Senatus Consulto $4,500.00
Pair of Luxery percussion damascus target pistols, London 19th. cent. Senatus Consulto $4,500.00
Rare early silver mounted Pistols, London, 17th.-18th. cent. Senatus Consulto $5,500.00
Lovely pair of early silver mounted Pistols by Wilson, London, 18th. c Senatus Consulto $5,500.00
C1920-30 Golf Clubs F BELWOOD NY 7 Iron Hickory Shaft + Putting Cleek Stonegate Antiques $95.00
3 C1905-30 Golf Clubs Hickory Shaft Edinburgh + St Andrews Scotland Stonegate Antiques $175.00
C1905 Golf Club Spalding 1 Wood Driver w/Hickory Shaft GOLD MEDAL Stonegate Antiques $75.00