Antique Instruments and Implements

Antique musical instruments, Culinary implements and more are available for purchase in this category group of useful objects including tools, timepieces, walking sticks, maritime and scientific instruments, and writing implements - pre-dating 1920. Emphasis is on collectible innovations and objects that have facilitated or improved life, pursuits, fashion and work.

Antique Walking Stick of a Dragon East Dennis Antiques $295.00
Antique Walking Stick with Carved Alligator East Dennis Antiques $275.00
Antique Ladies Walking Stick of a Dog's Head East Dennis Antiques $185.00
Antique "Bobbie" Walking Stick East Dennis Antiques $295.00
Bird's Head Walking Stick East Dennis Antiques $295.00
Walking Stick Rattlesnake East Dennis Antiques $350.00
AMERICAN W.Co. 1872 MODEL 14k Solid ROSE GOLD All original C: 1883 Watch Company $2,200.00
HAMPDEN W.Co. 23j New RAILWAY Gilt Trimmed Gold Filled Case 1907 Watch Company $349.00
WALTHAM 1872 MODEL 14k GOLD Fancy Hunting Case C: 1886 Watch Company $2,300.00
HAMPDEN 14k GOLD 18 size SCALLOPED Design Hunting Case C: 1885 Watch Company $2,700.00
An interesting antique renaissance Knife Sharpener! Senatus Consulto $250.00
Rare European bronze Skillet Tripod vessel, 16th.-17th. cent. Senatus Consulto $185.00
Very scarce Early European renaissance bronze Cauldron, 16th. cent! Senatus Consulto $295.00
Antique Phlebotomy Fleam Bloodletter Medical Tool with Case June Hastings $295.00
AMERICAN W.Co. AT& Co. Vibrating Hair Spring Original Case C::1860 Watch Company $1,650.00
Velvet sewing bird pin cushion with great tail antique Country and Shaker Antiques $185.00
Ming Apothecary Mortar Abhaya Asian Antiques $210.00
ELGIN 18 Size, Open Face FANCY BLUE DIAL C: 1897 Watch Company $150.00