3 Vintage Piccadilly Hickory Golf Clubs Brassie Mid Iron and Putter Stonegate Antiques $60.00
C1900 Scarce R Forgan Mashie Golf Club Scotland St Andrews Stonegate Antiques $125.00
3 Hickory Golf Clubs Hand Forged Mid Iron Sarazen Kroydon Hollywood Stonegate Antiques $100.00
3 Wright Ditson Golf Clubs Hickory Smooth Face Clubs ST ANDREWS RARE Stonegate Antiques $175.00
3 UK Golf Clubs Sunningdale Hickory Driver Mashie Niblic and Putter Stonegate Antiques $105.00
Sampson Mordan silver propelling pencil China Rose Antiques A$200.00
English porcelain boat shaped inkstand China Rose Antiques A$195.00
Brass and marble ink stand China Rose Antiques A$395.00
French silver cake slice China Rose Antiques A$185.00
Elkington silver plated asparagus server China Rose Antiques A$190.00
Straw work needlecase China Rose Antiques A$140.00
Brass novelty tape measure in the form of a Victorian bathing box China Rose Antiques A$165.00
Worcester hand painted porcelain thimble c 1880's China Rose Antiques A$120.00
Souvenir reverse painted pin cushion Kings College Cambridge China Rose Antiques A$220.00
Revolving cotton reel holder in the shape of a table China Rose Antiques A$275.00
Revolving cotton reel holder in the shape of a table China Rose Antiques A$275.00
Large wooden paper knife with violin scroll end China Rose Antiques A$660.00
19thC Hanging Apothecary Show Globe Whitall Tatum New Jersey Stonegate Antiques $450.00
Massive early apothecary brass mortar, Northern Europe, dated 1734! Senatus Consulto $295.00
Victorian Holmes Wood Stereoscope & 22 Stereoview Cards. Orwellianantiques $185.00
Bronze Mounted Heavy Crystal Clock - 19th Century - Continental E & M Perez $625.00
6 Fabulous Victorian Label Under Glass Apothecary Cabinet Drawer Pulls Stonegate Antiques $240.00
Rare 1887 Drugs Medicine Advertising Mirror GG Green Woodbury NJ Stonegate Antiques $295.00
Huge C1908 Dispensatory Pharmacy Drugstore Reference Book USA Stonegate Antiques $65.00
2 C1910-1920 Drug Store Bottles Longmont and Leadville Colorado Stonegate Antiques $28.00
Nine C1900-1920 Parke Davis Company Hypodermic Tablet Boxes with Vials Stonegate Antiques $130.00
7 C1900 Eli Lilly Sharpe Dohme Hypodermic Medicine Tablet Boxes Vials Stonegate Antiques $100.00
1913 St Jacobs Oil Patent Medicine Box and Bottle w/ Fabulous Graphics Stonegate Antiques $48.00
4 New Old Stock C1920-1940 Patent Medicine Cure Remedy Tin Bottles Stonegate Antiques $48.00
5 C1900-1920 Colorado Patent Medicine Pill Vials Liver Kidney Laxative Stonegate Antiques $65.00
4 C1900-1930 Patent Cure and Treatment Medicines Gonorrhea Warts Stonegate Antiques $50.00
Group of 6 Boericke Tafel 19thC Homeopathic Medicine Bottles Stonegate Antiques $60.00
3 C1900 Dr Shoop's Brain Emotional Disorders CURES Patent Medicines Stonegate Antiques $200.00
Six C1900 Maltbie Chemical Co. Medicine Drug Bottles Newark New Jersey Stonegate Antiques $85.00
Rare 1900s Herbs Homeopathic Bottles ALEMEDA DRUG DENVER Colorado Stonegate Antiques $200.00
C1830s Woodworking Adjustible Plow Plane w/Bone Insert Stonegate Antiques $65.00