Swiss Sterling Silver Engraved Hunter Case Pocket Watch with Chain Fiona Kenny Antiques $229.00
WALTHAM 1892 MODEL 21 Jewel Grade 845 Fancy Hinged COIN SILVER Case Watch Company $350.00
HOME Watch Co., BOSTON Key Wind / Key Set Circa: 1868 Watch Company $500.00
E Howard Watch Co. Open Face White Gold Filled Pocket Watch, c. 1917. David Pownall Willis $125.00
WALTHAM 21j VANGUARD 1892 MODEL Original Case Mint Dial C: 1902 Watch Company $400.00
WALTHAM 21j VANGUARD 1892 MODEL Mint Porcelain Dial C: 1903 Watch Company $375.00
WALTHAM CRESCENT St. 1892 MODEL 21j, 18 size, open face, C: 1905 Watch Company $190.00
AMERICAN WATCH Co. CIVIL WAR Am. EAGLE Officers Silver Case 1863 Watch Company $1,250.00
WALTHAM 19j BALL Official Railroad Standard Gold Filled Case No. 23235 Watch Company $300.00
WALTHAM 21j VANGUARD 1892 MODEL Crescent 25yr GF Swing Out 1902 Watch Company $400.00
ELGIN 21j VERITAS Diamond End Stone Salesman's Sample Case 1899 Watch Company $400.00
ROCKFORD GRADE 100 Two-Tone Domed Gold Filled Hunting Model C: 1891 Watch Company $349.00
HAMILTON Model 999 21j BALL MODEL White Gold Filled Stirrup Bow 1920 Watch Company $449.50
ELGIN Ladies O Size Hunting Case FANCY IVORY w/BLUE Arabic C: 1917 Watch Company $199.50
ILLINOIS 21j BUNN SPECIAL Original Long Stem Case Circa: 1918 Watch Company $349.00
HAMPDEN New RAILWAY 19j WGF MAINLINER R.R. CASE C: 1918 Watch Company $349.00
HAMPDEN 17j GRADE No. 310 12 Size,, Open Face C: 1905 Watch Company $199.50
SOUTH BEND 21 Jewels THE STUDEBAKER 16 Size 14k TIme Train C: 1909 Watch Company $1,000.00