Edwardian Gold Filled Long Watch Chain with 14K Opal Slide 1900-10 Fiona Kenny Antiques $135.00
ELGIN 23j VERITAS 18 Size Montgomery Bros.Los Angeles Masonic No. 319 Watch Company $600.00
Elgin 16 size open face GHOST of a SWEETHEART image on dust cover 1892 Watch Company $350.00
HAMILTON Grade 936 Adjusted 5 Positions 17j Gold Filled Case C: 1904 Watch Company $300.00
ELGIN GHOST of My SWEETHEART Sterling Silver C: 1892 Watch Company $350.00
WALTHAM ROYAL 14k ROSE GOLD Hunting Case Model 1888 120 Gr. Watch Company $2,450.00
HAMPDEN 18 Size Hunting Model 17j GIlt Trimmed SPECIAL ADJUSTED 1895 Watch Company $350.00
Keystone HOWARD 12 size Pat'd 1912 SERIES 7 WHITE GOLD FILLED 1917 Watch Company $175.00
ELGIN 16 Size 7j Open Face Nickel Swing out Case Circa: 1918 Watch Company $150.00
ILLINOIS OPEN FACE 18 Size 11j Circa: 1893 Watch Company $175.00
HAMILTON 18 Size GRADE 936 17j Swing out Nickel Case Circa: 1904 Watch Company $200.00
ELGIN Key Wind WILD WEST COWBOY 15j Original 4oz COIN SILVER 1873 Watch Company $400.00
NEW YORK WATCH Co. John Hancock Coin Silver Hunting Case 1873 Watch Company $400.00
ELGIN Key Wind WILD WEST COWBOY 15j Original 3oz. Hunting Case 1871 Watch Company $400.00
Great Western Railway (GWR) Station Masters or Guards pocket watch Oliver Sargent Antiques $555.00
WW1 Royal Flying Corps issued cockpit 8 day Mark IV.A pocket watch Oliver Sargent Antiques $885.00
S. Smith & Son silver pocket watch chronograph circa 1911 Oliver Sargent Antiques $885.00
ELGIN 1876 WILD WEST PERIOD TOMBSTONE WYATT EARP Period 18k GOLD Case Watch Company $3,300.00