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New Online Ancient Art Gallery

Chinese Porcelain Kangxi Period Molded Plate, Mark Helen M Edwards $390.00
Lisu Lacquer Box Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Chinese Apple Green Glaze Vase With Ribbons LIUHEXUAN Gallery Inquire
15th Century Ming Dynasty Stucco Head of an Official J R Richards $1,800.00
Antique Japanese Iron Hanging Lantern C.1920 Kodo Arts $675.00
Antique Japanese Stone Granite Stupa, Early Edo Period Kodo Arts $2,200.00
19c HANNYA mask netsuke by DEME UMAN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $475.00
19c netsuke mask SARU the monkey Dmitry Levit Asian Art $450.00
19c bronze netsuke mask BUAKU by SEKIZAN Dmitry Levit Asian Art $260.00
19c bronze netsuke mask NAMANARI Dmitry Levit Asian Art $240.00
19c netsuke demon ONI MASK Dmitry Levit Asian Art $270.00
Late 19C Chinese Sandalwood Wood Carved Carving Bead Court Necklace 2ezr Inquire
Antique Tibetan Sutra page printing woodblock Asian Ethnic Artifacts $150.00
Antique Tibetan wood Cremation box Asian Ethnic Artifacts
Chinese Wooden Celestial Guardian Figures, Ming Dynasty (1368 - 1644) Intandane Ltd t/a 69A £185.00
Antique Cast Iron Water Kettle - Tetsubin Tora Tori Gallery 2900.00 Euros
Yuan/Early Ming B&W Bowl TanCollection $450.00
Late Ming B&W Extra Large Bowl TanCollection $650.00