Museum Quality Antique Japanese Lacquer Writing Box The Kura On Request
Rare and beautiful Danish neolithic dagger, type III, 2200-1800 BC!! Senatus Consulto $950.00
Chinese Qing Dynasty Coin $80.00
Very Fine Gold Lacquered 3-Case Inro of Dancers Decoration Tora Tori Gallery 3700.00 Euros
Late Ming B/W Censer with Mark Longquan Gallery $1,400.00
Song Jarlet Abhaya Asian Antiques $80.00
Chawan tea bowl, underglaze gold sprinkle, Seto ware, Japan, 19th c Welcome To Another Century $250.00
Very large & rare Danish Mesolithic Antler Axe, 9000-4000 BC! Senatus Consulto $1,250.00
Chawan tea bowl, brown and yellow glaze, Takatori ware, Japan 19th c Welcome To Another Century $250.00
Square serving dish, stoneware, Oribe ware, Japan Meiji era Welcome To Another Century $250.00
Outstanding Large and Rare Egyptian Predynastic Flint Knife! Relics of the Nile $950.00
Rare Predynastic Egyptian Flint Mace Head! Outstanding Provenance. Relics of the Nile $850.00
Egyptian Predynastic Mace Head! 3,850-$3,650 B.C.! Relics of the Nile $375.00
Ming Blue and White Bowl with Figures Longquan Gallery $1,150.00
Japanese Antique Textile Asa Hemp Cloth with Katazome GALLERY TSUMUGI $150.00
Korean Antique Textile Cho-gappo Pojagi Made of Choma Ramie GALLERY TSUMUGI $300.00
Sale Pending
Black Neolithic Jar Abhaya Asian Antiques $60.00
Japanese Two Panel Byobu Screen of Rooster and Butterflies The Zentner Collection On Request