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New Online Ancient Art Gallery

Southern Song Longquan Washer Dish Longquan Gallery Inquire
Indo Pacific Trade Beads Abhaya Asian Antiques $80.00
Han Green Glazed House Abhaya Asian Antiques $150.00
Antique Chinese Gilt Carved Qilin Panel The Zentner Collection
Footed Ginbari Cloisonne Tray with Koi motif The Ivory Tower, Inc. On Request
Chinese Pair of 17th Century Huanghuali Official's Hat Arm Chairs The Zentner Collection On Request
Nepalese temple festival mask of Hanuman the Monkey God Tribal Art Antiques £925.00
Himalayan Fine Antique west Nepal tribal house post figure Tribal Art Antiques Inquire
Japanese Meiji Period Bronze Hotei Budai Figure Petrie-Rogers Gallery $325.00
Antique Japanese Keyaki Hardwood Shelf The Zentner Collection $1,450.00
Antique Japanese Half Section Mizuya The Zentner Collection $1,950.00
Japanese Cloisonne vase with lily designs by Gonda The Ivory Tower, Inc. On Request
Beautiful Ancient Egyptian Scarab for Amenhotep II JFF - Ancient Art €759.00
Rare 12" Kinkozan Satsum vase The Ivory Tower, Inc. On Request
Syro-Palestinian Terracotta Oil Lamp Ihnasiyah Gallery $150.00
4 Ancient Egyptian Faience Items Ihnasiyah Gallery $250.00
Ancient Roman Glass Phial Ihnasiyah Gallery $250.00
Gandhara Uddiyana Art